At the next IUCN Congress, European members will elect their regional councillors.

As Chairwoman of the French IUCN Committee, I have decided to apply for the position of IUCN Regional Councillor.

I am the representative of the IUCN member organization “Les Eco Maires”, an international association of local representatives engaged in the preservation of the environment. I am particularly involved, as I was 4 years ago, in the organization of our 2020 Congress.

The conservation of nature is my passion. It is in this field that I have developed my professional carrier and my associative engagements.

I graduated with a degree in political science, and as a lawyer in environmental law, I started my career working on cases pertaining to the environment, such as the Erika oil spill, which affected the French coasts in 1999, as well as other cases abroad, particularly in Africa.

Thereafter, I was an advisor on biodiversity issues during the French presidential campaign, and I later worked in the cabinet of several ministers of Ecology, on specific topics such as natural parks, protected marine areas, biodiversity and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Throughout my 20-year career, I have had the opportunity to participate in various Conferences of Parties (COP) on Biodiversity, sometimes collaborating with NGOs, but more often within France and Europe. I have thus been able to closely follow international negotiations and establish a rich professional and personal network in the field of nature conservation on an international level. This institutional knowledge will enable me to contribute effectively to the strengthening and international positioning of IUCN.

Throughout my career, I have developed several skills that I believe are relevant to the position of Regional Councillor, including organizational strategy, multi-stakeholder dialogue, governance and financial issues.

Above all, I have always sought to spread good practices in nature conservation among the most distant audience: children, underprivileged people, and local communities. I am convinced that we will only achieve the necessary international mobilization in the face of the urgent loss of biodiversity by bringing together both experts’ views as well as those of the general public.

As a more personal initiative, I have created the National Biodiversity Forum, a benchmark annual French event that brings together NGOs, the government, institutions and involved companies. These meetings are now organized alongside the French Biodiversity Agency, an essential actor in this field.

My involvement in associations is long-standing, however, more recently, I have had the honour of joining the board of the “Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux” (the representative of Bird Life in France, which has 55,000 members).

I lead an international network of 2,000 local authorities in France (especially in Overseas France) and Africa. I believe that my international experience can bring a different perspective: nothing can be done without the conviction of the people. This is reflected in my work to preserve chimpanzees in the Kédgougou region, on the border between Senegal and Mali. Nothing can be done without the support of mayors and the regions.

I have held an elected position in a French municipality of 120,000 inhabitants in northern Paris since 2001, and I believe I can provide an original analysis to help set local and regional communities in motion, which is necessary for nature preservation.

Promoting and implementing effective conservation solutions requires clearly identified global strategies that take all the stakeholders into account. Priorities will have to be established collectively, and it is with you that I want to discuss and develop them.

My candidature is that of a nature protection activist, trained in environmental law, professionally involved in international action who is also anchored in her territory as a local representative. I believe that I can make the most of these experiences and add to IUCN, a magnificent and very influential house.

As the submission of applications is coming soon, I would like to ask for your formal support.

But beyond that, I would like to speak with you in order to define and contribute to a roadmap, to which I intend to devote myself over the next 4 years.

I am passionate about IUCN’s mission and look forward to devoting my energy and motivation to our Council for the next four years, if I were to be elected thanks to your support.

Dr. Maud Lelièvre
Chairwoman of the French Committee of IUCN
General Delegate of Les Eco-Maires (France)
Knight of the National Order of Merit

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