Climate change and biodiversity are the main challenges of this century. While many human activities contribute to this situation, our way of building and living in cities are the main culprits of this double-crisis. However, cities have an important role to play as ambassadors in the field of biodiversity, since they have important resources in terms of innovation and can benefit from effective tools of government to make rapid transformation at the local level.

For the 2022 World Urban Forum, the PFVT, in partnership with the French Committee and Urban Alliance of the IUCN and Les EcoMaires, piloted the construction of booklets to elaborate on common contributions and positions of the event. In the French pavilion we had the opportunity to present the booklet “Cities and Biodiversity” and to host several roundtables around this theme, as well as develop tools to help make cities more resilient while conserving our environment. 

I invite you to read the complete booklet:

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