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At the next IUCN Congress, members will elect their regional councillors.
As Vice-Chairwoman of the French IUCN Committee, I have decided to apply for the position of IUCN Regional Councillor.

The time has come to respect the living, to condemn ecocides, to defend the rights of nature, to guarantee the preservation of ecosystems. We are not going to dream this world. We will preserve it. Together, we can change everything.

The IUCN 2020 Congress will not be a Congress like any other. Environmental disasters have increased public awareness. A new generation is claiming its right to exist in a preserved world and to preserve this world. How can we not hear his call? Our responsibility is to stand by them.

The preservation of nature, the fight against the decline of species and ecosystems must become the matrix that transforms the economy, land planning and democracy, at the service of a greater project of environmental justice and equity.

The time has come to make our voice loud enough to convince all States to prepare and implement strategies for conservation and biodiversity.

This will require strengthening our effectiveness, continuing to make IUCN grow and engaging stakeholders.

I am very motivated to write this new page with you.

My candidacy is one of a nature protection activist, trained in environmental law, professionally engaged in international action while rooted in her territory as a local politician. These experiences, I think I can propose to you today, to make the best use of them in serving this magnificent and very influential
organisation that is IUCN.

20 years in the service of ecology

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