On Thursday evening, at the initiative of “La Marseillaise”, a debate brought together various speakers committed to the preservation of biodiversity at the Château de la Buzine.

As the World Conservation Congress opens in Marseille this Friday, a round table discussion brought together various speakers at the Château de la Buzine on Thursday for the preview screening of the documentary “Beings in Transition”, in the presence of the director François Stuck, who met with those who, through their initiatives or their thinking, are committed to a society that preserves life. Among the participants were the president of IUCN France, Maud Lelièvre, the vice-president of AMU, Marianne Domeizel, Sophie Gachet, researcher at IMBE, Amapola Ventron, departmental councillor, Agnès Freschel, elected representative of the 1/7, Christophe Madrolle, president of the biodiversity commission of the South Region. The public could also discover the exhibition #LeVivantSurprend in collaboration with the IMBE/AMU and the Donut Infolab, visible from 3 to 11 September.

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