Next Tuesday, I will participate in the conference organised by the Animal Law Foundation alongside my friends: Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, journalist and president of the LPO, Loïc Dombreval, deputy, Gilles Boeuf, biologist and former president of the National Museum of Natural History and Sabrina Krief, veterinarian and primatologist. 

The purpose of this conference will be to establish priorities to fight against the loss of biodiversity, by pointing out humans’ role  in the disappearance of biodiversity and their responsibility in the preservation of wild animal species. It will also make it possible to point out inconsistencies in animal law, in particular with regard to acts of cruelty towards wild animals.

The full programme of the day is on the website:

And for any Parisians who are interested, compulsory registration to the conference is free on this link:

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