The impacts of climate change on cities can take different forms. They can, for example, lead to a significant rise in water levels, as in Jakarta in Indonesia, or be the source of successive intense and long heat waves that can eventually make certain cities uninhabitable. […]
At the Positive Nature Pavilion, I was pleased to welcome representatives of local government members of IUCN, such as the government of Catalonia, the cities of Paris and Marseille, the Ile-de-France and South regions, for a dialogue on their analysis of the global biodiversity framework. Having […]
Finally, after two long years of waiting, the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will be held in Montréal, Canada, under China’s chairmanship, from 7-19 December. The event will bring together thousands of delegates from around the world, […]
On the occasion of the Climate and Ramsar COPs taking place in Egypt and Switzerland, there is an urgent need to give a new impetus to the protection of wetlands as real nature-based solutions to climate change and biodiversity erosion. The Rhine, the Loire, the Po, […]
Over the next two weeks, Panama will host the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) to the CITES. Two weeks that will be key for the future of our wildlife ecosystems. As a global conference dedicated to the preservation of wildlife, the Summit will host government […]
Winter is approaching and the memory of the suffocating fear of summer heat waves is fading. However, it is more than urgent to anticipate heatwave summers. While everyone understands that global climate change will affect us all, not everyone is exposed in the same way or […]
This week the International Conference on Environmental Law is taking place in Oslo, where I will participate in the 6th plenary on how to address climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss?. This year is a relevant year to celebrate the anniversaries of several environmental laws, such […]
Some numbers in France: one third of birds and one in five fish are in danger of extinction in our country. 15% of species are threatened or near-threatened in metropolitan France. 33% of French mammals are threatened or near threatened, compared to 23% in 2008-2009. Sixth […]
This week the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the city of Malaga – where its offices are located. This event has allowed us to celebrate and highlight the incredible work of the Centre, which over the past two decades has […]
After the closing of the 12th edition of the National Nature Assises, it is imminent that we continue to join forces for the conservation of biodiversity. Realising that the fight against the multiple crises that were coming could only be carried out together, 12 years ago […]