Today I had the opportunity to participate in the “Naturellement” event organised by the BioGée Federation and the city of Rouen in order to talk about nature in cities and our role in its empowerment.

Nature is a richness that has been present since the origin of our history as citizens. Elements such as i) fertile soils for agriculture, ii) rivers and their coasts that favour access to water and the development of trade, iii) valleys protected from the wind and climate, and iv) the communal sharing of natural resources, have favoured the change of our societies in the process of urbanisation.

Recent events such as the reports of environmental institutions – IPCC and IPBES – the different agreements and COPs – Paris Agreement, CITES, SDG COP on biodiversity and climate change – and crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in the rate of species disappearance and the rise of climate change, have awakened citizens’ awareness of nature and the link between humans, environment, and animals in one health.

The recent changes in mentalities and the approach to nature in cities have led to its implementation as a tool for the preservation and increase of biodiversity. Nature for itself, for culture and for society represents a new way of acting against the different challenges we face, promoting a bond of care, well-being and development among all. In this way, nature in cities constitutes a change in the future of society and biodiversity.  

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