Despite their differences in climate, geographies and sizes, cities around the world are increasingly finding themselves in front of similar challenges – from heat stress, to flooding, disaster risk and food security. To respond to such challenges, cities have started to rethink themselves, placing nature at their core. Nature-based solutions applied in urban environments are a clear example of cities’ growing efforts.

With the objective of shading light on the successes of urban nature-based solutions, the NetworkNature session brought together cities and projects representatives as well as experts working to transform cities with nature. The event highlighted the importance of community engagement to better understand needs and barriers in the demonstration areas.

Ensuring social acceptance of nature-based solutions projects is a common challenge, which is often resolved through educational programmes developed to increase the understanding of the functioning and benefits of the planned interventions.

NetworkNature continues keep stock of the progress cities are making to transform themselves with nature-based solutions and is committed to ensure sharing of experiences and enabling discussions among key stakeholders.

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