After the closing of the 12th edition of the National Nature Assises, it is imminent that we continue to join forces for the conservation of biodiversity.

Realising that the fight against the multiple crises that were coming could only be carried out together, 12 years ago I co-founded with other colleagues the National Biodiversity Assises. In all its editions, the NBAs have addressed more than 40 themes, with the participation of more than 800 exhibitors, more than 400 workshops and several field visits, which together have allowed us to deepen our relationship with nature and the actions we must take to preserve it.

The Biodiversity Assises play an important role in the socialisation, discussion and formulation of actions in favour of the conservation of our biodiversity and the integral development of our territories. Indeed, the meetings, workshops and plenary sessions held throughout the event were an opportunity for numerous actors to share, exchange and enhance the experiences, actions and solutions implemented in favour of the protection and enhancement of nature.

Now more than ever, it is time to continue to act together. Ongoing global warming, biodiversity loss and the health crisis remind us of the strong link with the natural environment that surrounds us and that, in order to continue to preserve it, all territories must actively participate in the planning and implementation of comprehensive solutions.

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